Ideology of Evil: A Study of the History of Genocide
Course Outline and Expectations

Many have heard of the atrocities perpetrated by Nazis during the Holocaust, but are unaware of the numerous acts of genocide and mass violence that have taken place in the course of the last century. As a culture we have to ask ourselves, how and why do these crimes still occur? How do we tolerate such evil?
     In this course we will explore the history of the Holocaust, as well as genocides in Turkey, Cambodia and Rwanda, and other acts of mass violence. Through lecture, class discussion and exploration of various texts and media we will examine the definition of genocide and how such atrocities have historically occurred.  We will likewise explore the Milgram studies, and the bystander effect, in order to better understand what enables the collective society and individuals to perpetrate such criminal acts of violence against humanity and how we can work to prevent further atrocities from occurring.

In this course students will discover for themselves everything they need to know to be successful time travelers and develop a highly detailed plan for completing their first time travel mission.

Are human beings innately bellicose or pacifists? When it comes to war or love, do we toss all the rules of humanity out the window? This Humanities course is designed for students who, for one reason or another, are deficient in the number of English or History credits they need to graduate.  Students must have permission from a guidance counselor in order to enroll.  Please see attached description for more details.